2015 in photos

2015 in photos

Another year has ended and I’ve been putting off making a post about it for so many reasons.

  1. We’ve done SO MUCH STUFF. It’s taken me hours – literally hours – to cull these photos down to a (still very excessive) number. A great way to realise how much we’ve achieved but very daunting. Croatia, Macedonia, getting married, Stockholm, sailing, Munich, Dresden, Berlin, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia again, Czech Republic, Poland, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and plenty more.
  2. My photos are organised really badly. So incredibly badly. I tried to fix it but I made it worse. Therefore the photos will appear in random order and only partially captioned. Sorry.
  3. I figured that people would be too busy/hungover to read it before now anyway.

I am too tired to be funny. I am truly sorry.

Before you look at the photos, I’ll briefly describe Felix and my plans for this year.

In two months (March 1) we leave Sweden, stopping briefly in Malaysia to break up the trip and stay with some relatives.

Upon return to Australia, we plan to buy a 4WD and camp up north for however long tickles our fancy.

Then we’ll build a tiny home in Gloucester, NSW and then a permaculture farm next to it.

Told you I’d be brief. There’s too much to say so I’m going to leave it at that for now. Cheerio!