The beauty of collaging

The beauty of collaging

Colin can read

You’re going to have to pardon the low-res pictures for this post as I show off some of my more hilarious collages.

Lucy’s becoming a spider

I’ve never taken part in anything else involving scalpels which provides as much joy and laughter as collaging.

Loads of fun for even the least artistically talented (me).

Get a picture, cut out some words, arrange the words in a funny pattern, trying not to be too un-PC, and bam!

A perfect day. A child was shot by the police. Executed. Dancing in the streets.

Let’s make things better.

The perfect partners. Look for someone with the lust.

We wouldn’t expect you to expect less. Get the London look.

A shameful morning.

Tilt my head towards chickens. Nah I don’t have time for that.

Found something you love?

New ideas.

No jumping after death.

They come from underwater.

Wake up. Wake me up.

Adventure and dead men.

Harvest all the eyes.

Single motherhood through the empty bottle.

A tale of two humans.

Glow when you want to get guys.