Valentine's Day in the växthus

Valentine’s Day in the växthus

Last night (with the help of his brother and friends), I threw Felix a surprise birthday party. It was generally fantastic and the apartment is looking surprisingly clean.

Today, feeling somewhat worse-for-wear, we decided to have a little outing for a breath of fresh air and some relatively greasy food.

The light was so beautiful, and the snow so perfect, we just had to stop by Botaniska and have a look at the greenhouse (växthus).

And here are the resulting 88 images. Sorry there are so many, but this was a slimmed down version of the original mass.

1-DSC00715-001 1-DSC00714 1-DSC00711 1-DSC00706 1-DSC00702 1-DSC00694 1-DSC00690 1-DSC00682 1-DSC00678 1-DSC00668 1-DSC00666 1-DSC00663 1-DSC00659 1-DSC00658 1-DSC00656 1-DSC00655 1-DSC00653 1-DSC00647 1-DSC00646 1-DSC00639 1-DSC00636 1-DSC00633 1-DSC00623 1-DSC00593 1-DSC00586 1-DSC00583 1-DSC00582 1-DSC00577 1-DSC00576 1-DSC00573 1-DSC00572 1-DSC00564 1-DSC00544 1-DSC00538 1-DSC00531 1-DSC00521 1-DSC00512 1-DSC00506 1-DSC00504 1-DSC00503 1-DSC00495 1-DSC00491 1-DSC00489 1-DSC00482 1-DSC00477 1-DSC00475 1-DSC00470 1-DSC00469 1-DSC00466 1-DSC00460 1-DSC00457 1-DSC00452 1-DSC00444 1-DSC00442 1-DSC00439 1-DSC00434 1-DSC00423 1-DSC00419 1-DSC00418 1-DSC00403 1-DSC00401 1-DSC00400 1-DSC00399 1-DSC00395-001 1-DSC00392-001 1-DSC00390 1-DSC00389-001 1-DSC00387 1-DSC00385 1-DSC00384 1-DSC00383 1-DSC00382 1-DSC00377 1-DSC00376 1-DSC00371 1-DSC00370 1-DSC00369 1-DSC00367 1-DSC00363 1-DSC00362 1-DSC00356 1-DSC00346 1-DSC00337 1-DSC00335 1-DSC00737 1-DSC00734 1-DSC00733 1-DSC00725