Waiting for a trailer

Waiting for a trailer

I spent this morning going over old blog posts and making Felix read the really funny ones out loud.

“Just this one more,” I encouraged. “It’s a really good one.”

Of course, he knows this, because he has read them before, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the good times we’ve had when we weren’t sitting around for months, waiting for a trailer that we couldn’t use anyway.

Since arriving ‘home’ (a word that will be forever confusing now that our lives are to be spread between two opposing sides of the world) we have done many things, but mostly not what we had planned.

That’s ok though. We don’t mind. That much.

The plan was to have a trailer made and build our tiny house before Felix’s family arrives in August. That was a decent plan, made impossible only by our bad experience with the trailer-maker. Let’s call him Bob.

“It’ll be done two weeks after you order it,” turned into, “Three weeks from now, for sure,” to, “Two weeks today, guaranteed,” to, “Next week,” to, “Next week,” to, “Next week,” to, “Fine, ok, ok! Wednesday!”

Three months later, wheels placed in the incorrect location, floor 20mm higher than originally promised, 80mm deflection on each end, the trailer arrived. Flexing so hard at the edges we could have used it as a see-saw, it seemed to say “this is a terrible idea! Get your money back!”

“Nah, they’re all like that,” said Bob, “Your house’ll keep the ends up.”

We thought that was unlikely, but he was the “expert” with the “background in engineering”.

After filling the giant spaces between the Yellowtongue flooring with No More Gaps, we were still panicking slightly and, when everyone on the internet told us “shit, that looks like a LOT of flex,” we packed it in, called Bob, and got a refund.

We breathed half a sigh of relief, and choked back half a tear. We’re almost back at square one after months of wasted time.

Kind of. This post is a “look at some of the cool things we’ve done since we got back”. A justification to ourselves that the time wasn’t wasted. We won’t be finishing the build before August, so we’ll probably start the build in September.


Knitted some viking socks.


Did some weeding at our build site.


Really made a pretty big difference.


Visited Desmond’s tiny house in Stroud.


Bakked some cinnamon buns.


Visited the beautiful Glenrock Lagoon.


Were written about for Newcastle Weekly.


Made ajvar (chilli preserve).


Which took many hours of chilli-peeling.


Learned how to make a traditional Macedonian dish (zelnik) from my Baba.


Foraged for eucalyptus bark and leaves in Blackbutt Reserve.


Adventures in natural dyeing with eucalyptus bark.


Knitted a lace shawl.


Made some beeswax wraps to use instead of gladwrap.

Now we’re gearing up to leave on a long and dusty roadtrip to possibly Cairns because we’ve got a month or so to kill before the new trailer (from wherever we end up getting it) will be ready.